What is the investor club?



PROPERTY BUYERS INVESTOR CLUB is a private club in which our clients can make investments in real estate assets on their own or with other investors.

These investments can range from buying a house to it rent out to a plot of land in order to undertake a real estate development.

We analyse the best operations for each floor, present projects, develop ideas, analyse profitability and present these investment options to our investors.

It is in the early stages of a project; when the Investors Club becomes more important, as well as its group of investors, who provide funds and obtain an interesting return on their investment, in a market which at the moment offers many profitable products.

What is the objective?



We are looking for highly profitable operations to offer our investors. For this, our team and the companies we work with analyse the best options that guarantee the viability and the return on the investment.

Who is it aimed at?



It is aimed at companies, the public in general and investment funds to which we offer different possibilities of participation in the real estate sector.

These investments may involve the management of the profitability of finished buildings, the construction of land for the rental or sale of homes, offices, protected housing, residences or any other property or real estate business and subsequent commercial exploitation.

In what type of projects can the members of the Property Buyers Investor Club participate in?



All the projects offered by Property Buyers to its investors have passed a strict analysis of feasibility and profitability: not only in buying and selling projects (short-term investment) but also in rental, management and / or commercial exploitation (long-term investment).

Most of these projects will be real estate projects, but there may be other projects offered to club members.

Our management model



The management model we propose is based on transparency:

  • We analyse all the operations before presenting them to our investors, giving them all the real purchase and profitability data.
  • In many cases we ourselves are investors in such projects
  • If the project needs constructive processes, we offer prior advice.
  • In the event that the investment requires subsequent rental management, our team will provide such services by providing specialized personnel in that area.

What are the stages of the investment process?



Real Estate Investors’ Brokers is constantly researching the market looking for interesting deals, and does so by analyzing trends in market needs WHCIH will mark the way in the search for operations.

Once we consider that the operation meets the needs that we have detected, we analyze its feasibility. Then we present it to our investors and give them a confidential file with all the necessary information.



Subsequently, each member decides whether to participate, through an agreement between the parties, without capital or initial deposit. With the capital contribution agreement signed, we started the process of incorporation of the company, the purchase of the property and the contracting of the different companies that will manage the project. In the case of construction projects under development, the prices of the land and the initial costs will be paid in full. The remains related to construction projects will be made through guarantees to ensure the corresponding certifications until the end of the project.

Members of the Property Buyers Investor Club

What advantages do we offer our members?


  • Although any of our investors may decide to invest on their own in one of our operations, one of the advantages of the club is that together we can go further, thus reducing personal risk.
  • Technical and economic security, experience and ability of our teams.
  • Comprehensive advice before decision-making
    • Analysis of the needs and risk profile of potential investors
    • Financial, tax and legal advice
    • Detailed information on investment projects
    • Tracking the investment
    • Information about new products
    • Guarantees, security and transparency
    • Participation in the decision-making
    • Profitability/risk ratio.

What requirements must members meet?


Anyone can be a member of our club as long as they meet the criteria for admission and meet the standards established for the safety and convenience of members.


  • You can only become a member of the Property Buyers Investors Club with an invitation
  • Members must sign a confidentiality agreement in order to protect both the operations and the identity of the other club members and participants in each operation.
  • The member must not make any financial contribution until they participate in an operation and the investment is fully covered.
  • Members can participate in any suggested operations when they deem it appropriate.

Why become a member of the Property Buyers Investor Club?

The suggested projects are analysed in detail, not only from the market point of view but also taking into account commercial viability and financial profitability.

In addition, all the companies belonging to the group of investors of Property Buyers, as well as the different areas and teams involved have a deep knowledge of the national real estate sector.

Our operations are not based on intuition, but on real analysis and our extensive experience. The current situation of the sector offers us great opportunities to invest, not forgetting the need to have a multidisciplinary and trustworthy team to manage the operation until the end.