What is a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent?

Real estate buyer’s agents are known by many names: property investment consultants, personal property shoppers, or exclusive buying agents.

They all mean the same thing: as real estate buyer’s agents, we are trained and specialized in helping homebuyers and investors to buy and invest in the real estate market.

We analyse carefully the needs and financial objectives of the buyer, and advise on the viability of the purchase.

We find the properties that best fit the customer’s needs, selecting from properties offered by owners, real estate agents, Multiple Listing Services, and even off-market properties we have access to thanks to our network of local contacts.

We do not act as intermediaries between buyer and seller. We represent exclusively and put all our training, expertise and know-how at the service of buyers and investors, never sellers, real estate agencies or developers.


Understanding the needs

First, we will make sure we understand your needs, preferences, goals, budget and timeline. If you are not in Spain and we cannot meet in person, we can have a videoconference with you.

Action plan proposal

We will present you with a customised action plan, including the conditions and flat fee for our services.

Selection and filtering of properties

We will search and select the most interesting properties for you from 100% of the offer, including off-market properties, and present them to you in a report.


Together with you, we will shortlist those properties that are most interesting for you to visit.


We will coordinate and organise the visits according to your schedule, and accompany you on all the viewings.

Due diligence

We will give you a technical report and objective evaluation of the chosen property, to make sure you have all the information needed to make a sound decision.

Offer and negotiations

We will present the offer and negotiate with the selling party to get the best deal for you.

Legal support

Our specialised team can give you a legal support and advice throughout the whole process, and make sure everything is done correctly during the signing of the deeds.

After sales service

Will help you to make sure all the taxes are paid and all the paperwork has been processed correctly, and help you change all the utilities to your name.

Contact a specialized buyer’s real estate agent

Tell us what you would like to buy and where. A personal real estate shopper will contact you: