Property Buyers by SOMRIE is a real estate consultancy and property search firm at the service of buyers and investors

Property Buyers by SOMRIE is the sum of Property Buyers and SOMRIE, two firms that specialize in property finding services; this union positions the company as the first Personal Property Shopper’s franchise in Spain.

Property Buyers by SOMRIE has 20 offices and more than 40 professionals spread across Spain and in several international markets including Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

Why is Property Buyers born?

The Spanish property market is now going through a growth phase, but it has gone through some tough times. During the crisis decade, the industry was stagnant and lacked entrepreneurial capacity.

Even before that, before the bubble burst, there was no time for improvement or evolution because everyone was to busy selling. This generated a tragic market gap: no one remembered that the buyer deserved an excellent service too.

Many of the real estate agents started working in the industry without proper training or a real vocation for great customer service; in the best of cases, the attention was mediocre.

After the real estate bubble burst, many traditional real estate agencies started giving better customer service, importing ideas from the States. However, the buyer was still greatly neglected.

That is not the case any more. Property Buyers by Somrie was one of the first companies exclusively dedicated to providing service for the real estate buyers and investors.