There are many benefits of hiring our services. We like to treat our customers in a unique way, that’s why our services are like a customized suit for the buyer.

Instead of telling you the long list of services that we offer, we prefer to explain the benefits that you will have with a Personal Shopper at your side advising you at all times

  • Benefits of hiring a Personal Shopper Real Estate

    • The buyer saves 70% of the time it usually takes a buyer to find the property they are looking for. The Personal Shopper will previously visit the properties to verify that they effectively meet the expectations of the buyer and ask for all the information about the property in order to verify that everything is in accordance with the expectations of the buyer and can meet their needs.


    • Thanks to the experience, knowledge and tools that our Personal Shoppers use, a correct offer will be made for the purchase of the selected property. And they will negotiate with the selling party and the agent of the seller so that the buyer can acquire the properties with the best possible conditions, always keeping in mind that the most important thing for the Personal Shopper are the interests of the buyer, their client.


    • From Property Buyers we also make available to the customer buyer, the technical inspection of the property, and also the service of a lawyer who will take care of the whole purchase process.


    • In case of needing financing, the Personal Shopper will also advise you and look for the best way to obtain it with the best financial conditions.


    • Once the Purchase and Sale has been made, the Personal Shopper will be responsible for changing all of the ownership services and will create a personalized “Welcome Pack”, with a description of the area of your new home and with quality suppliers (from removals, masons, Painters, electrician, nearest pharmacy, nearby hospital … ..)


    • Most importantly, the Personal Shopper advises you and fully represents you during the whole of the real estate transaction.