We look for your property as if it were for ourselves

40% of the properties that are sold are “off-market“, meaning that they are never advertised on web portals.

As real estate buyer’s agents, we have ample experience and knowledge of our respective local real estate markets, and have access to ALL of the properties available.

We only represent you, the buyer, and negotiate always in your best interest.

Advantages of hiring a real estate buyer’s agent

Save money

Since it is you, the buyer, who hires our services, we become your personal advisors and look out only for your best interests; we are expert negotiators and our goal is to get the best possible deal and lowest price for you.

Save time

We will save you hundreds of hours by doing all the searching, filtering and visiting for you. Will discard anything that is not a good fit, and present you only those properties that truly match your criteria.

Avoid risks and unpleasant surprises

As part of our due diligence process, we will find out everything there is to know about the property, to help you buy with the maximum guarantees. This includes a technical report, to make sure you are aware of any existing or possible future problems.

Detailed analysis of your needs

We will analyse and carefully assess your wishes, tastes and budget. We will advise and guide you in any aspect you are unsure of, and help you translate your needs to the reality of the local real estate market.

Broad market

We are not limited to the portfolio of any real estate agency or a developer, and can select from 100% of the offer, plus off-market properties, which we can access thanks to our local network of contacts.

Exclusive representation

We are not intermediaries between buyer and seller; we work exclusively for you, the buyer, and represent only your best interests from the first contact to well after the signing of the deeds.

Avoid conflicts of interest

Our pre-agreed flat fee guarantees that we will not have any vested interests in you buying the more expensive property; we will make your interests our own and act accordingly.

Tough negotiators

We always keep a finger on the pulse of the market, and we are relentless negotiators. You can stop worrying about overpaying for a certain property, and leave stressful negotiations to us, knowing that we will always get you the best deal.

Real estate personal shopper

All in all, we are real estate agents trained and specialised in helping you buy or invest in the Spanish real estate market.

Success stories

Buy a flat in the centre of Barcelona. Mission Impossible?

“We wanted a very central house, in the old part of Barcelona, ​​but what we had seen was not to our liking.
By hiring Property Buyers by SOMRIE, we decided to buy a flat to be refurbished that would fit by location, get a good price in the negotiation and make a reform to our liking. “

Buy a flat in Madrid

The most demanded homes in Madrid are renovated apartments of less than 102 m2 in neighbourhoods such as Chamberí, Salamanca and El Retiro with a budget of less than € 450,000. The buyers look for apartments in good areas and with parking space.

Noelia tells us about her apartment shopping experience in Madrid with a real estate buyer’s agent.”

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