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1. Customer rating

A meeting will be held with the potential client, both companies and individuals, in order to know and understand the needs: the type of property, the investment objective, the profitability percentage, the budget and what their priorities are

2. Delivery of the personalized service offer

The offer will detail the services, action plan and conditions.

3. Elaboration of the report

The report will cover all of the properties under the client's requirements. The following will be included: - Existing properties, off-market. - Properties on the market

4. Choice of potential properties

After the presentation of this report of all the properties, the choice will be made of those, which the client and the Personal real estate Shopper, consider to be more attractive, the visits will be organized.

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5. Scheduling of the visits

The Personal Shopper will organize and guide the visits taking into account the availability of the client.

6. Evaluation of properties visited

A dossier will be delivered with the technical report and the objective assessment of the pre-selected properties.

7. Presentation of the offer

Present and defend the offer to the selling party.

8. Legal advice in the buying process

The buyer will have the legal advice of an attorney at their disposal.

9. After-sales service

including changes of ownership, etc ...