PRES –> Personal Real Estate Shopper

A Personal Real Estate Shopper is an agent who is trained and specialized in helping their clients to buy or invest in the real estate market.

They carefully analyse the needs and tastes of their buyer. They advise them about the feasibility of their request. They search for the properties which fit the demand of their client both among private individuals as well as between MLS stock markets and other real estate agents, using the latest technologies.

They do not act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. They only stand and defend the interests of their sole client, putting all of their training and experience at their service.

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How is a PRES different from a

traditional real estate agent?


  • EXCLUSIVELY advises the buyer in a real estate transaction
  • Specialized work focusing exclusively on the buyer defending their interests
  • Dedicated to any client who wants to buy real estate in the best conditions.
  • Some Personal Shoppers also specialize in helping to buy real estate product from investors.


  • They act as an intermediary and cannot take a stance with any of the parties.
  • Overall work: generate a portfolio of properties, serve customer buyers, rents, transfers, etc.
  • Dedicated to different types of clients: BUYER OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY + PROPERTY SELLER + LESSORS + TENANTS …