The group’s history

PROPERTY BUYERS is part of the group of companies actives on the real estate market since 1996. Practically all of the group is active in the real estate sector or nearby.

During these years and with different companies and brands innovative services have been developed for their clients, being aware of the latest international trends in order to achieve a leading position in Spanish real estate.

Fortunately the Spanish market is recovering from its years of lethargy, initiating a new upward cycle which allows the development of new and better services.

Emilio García

10 years of experience in Real Estate Acquisition Asset. I'll find what you're looking for.

Emilio García
Senior Agent

Phone: (+34) 626 256 177

Javier Gaspar

My mission is to commit with my customers with professionalism and the best business plan.

Javier Gaspar
Senior Agent

Phone: (+34) 691 207 595

Joaquín Nuevo

I like people and I take care of their well-being, finding the best investment.

Joaquín Nuevo
Senior Agent

Phone: (+34) 610 203 598

Asesor inmobiliario  cristinabn

The customer comes first: passion, energy and professionalism are my way to give the best service

Junior Agent

Phone: (+34) 654 895 693


The Spanish real estate market, now in a clear takeoff, has suffered enormously over the last years. This has not allowed its evolution because of lack of entrepreneurial capacity. And the previous years before the crisis did not allow it either because the maelstrom of the market did not give time for improvement because all of the agents were too busy selling. This generated a very important gap in the market. No one remembered to give the buyer an excellent service.

Many of the agents ended up by accident in the sector suffering from a great lack of training and, above all, of a vocation for customer service. At best the service was mediocre. In the case of customer selling services there are already agencies that, according to American doctrines, specialize more in providing more added value to their services. But the customer buyer was the completely forgotten.

No anymore. Specialized agencies have already emerged in Spain solely in the customer buyer service, of which PROPERTY BUYERS is one of the precursors.