10 FAQs that a buyer can ask


Should I sign an exclusive contract with the buyer’s?

The exclusive contract is neccesary because we represent the buyer and work for him; it is mandatory a mutual commitment.


The fees are expensive, I can not afford it!

The fees are always included in the client’s budget, they do not add up; our goal is to find within the Budget, negotiating the desired property for the buyer.


If I find a property by myself, do I also have to pay the fees?

The searching service is not charged; if there is a part that the client does not need, it is not charged.


If you do not find the house, what do i have to pay?

Only the provision of funds and only if a search and work service has been carried out by the Buyer’s Agent. We do not live on the basic provisions, but on the operations closures.


Why is there a difference between fees of different Buyers Agents?

Basically for the services that each one gives. The one that charges less will give less services than the one that charges more. It is a decision of the client, the mixture of feeling, price and brand (which above all gives security)


Will you just show me properties that are on the Internet?

No, a percentage (between 10 and 20%) can be properties that have not yet come out in the market and come first to us (because the real estate companies know they do not have to share fees with a Buyer’s Agent)


In a real estate agency they do the same service and they do not charge a fee.

They do not do the same service because our commitment is long-lasting and with follow-up, the real estate companies that want to provide the service finally opt for the figure of the Buyer’s Agent.


Is it the purchase process with the same interlocutor?

Yes, they are usually profiles that can advise on most points, but in companies like ours, we have enough structure to clarify all the issues and, through the only interlocutor, transfer it to the client.


Do you rent or resell the apartment later if you ask?

We can advise or recommend a professional or trusted brand to provide the service, some of our agents, have other brands / companies to provide the real estate service that is needed.


If I do not want a service, can you discount it?

Yes, as we commented that if the property was found by the client there was a discount, in case of being lawyers, architects or financiers the proportional part can be discounted.